200 Club Weekly Draw Results 20.10.20

Posted : 20-10-2020
Winning Numbers. 1st Prize 25.00 NO 85 ANDY COOKLAND, 2nd Prize 10.00 NO 10 CHRIS GARNER, 3rd Prize 5.00 NO 33 ROBERT GOMERSALL. SARAH KNOTT 200 Club Administrator.

CO-VID 19 Tier Two High Level Rules

Posted : 20-10-2020
Click on read more for Graeme Atkins’s Members Notice on the new Co-Vid rules members and guests must follow when coming to the club.

200 Club Latest List Of Members 28.09.20

Posted : 28-09-2020
Click on read more for the latest list of members names numbers from 28.09.20.

CO-VID 19 New Restrictions From 24.09.20

Posted : 24-09-2020
Click on read more for GRAEME ATKINS Members Notice on the changes that will be in place from Thursday 24.09.20

CO-VID 19 NHS Track & Trace App

Posted : 23-09-2020
The new NHS Track & Trace App will be available for download from midnight on Thursday 24.09.20. Click on read more for details on how to use the app to sign into the club from Friday 25.09.20.

CO-VID19 Playing Snooker Update 16.09.20

Posted : 23-07-2020
Click on read more for and update on the measures in place for playing snooker at the club.

Co-Vid 19 Registration Form 14.09.20

Posted : 14-09-2020
The Government announced last week that all people coming into pubs and clubs must leave their contact details so they can be contacted by NHS Track & Trace if required. Applies to UCC from 14.09.20.

New Co-Vid 19 Restrictions 14.09.20

Posted : 14-09-2020
These restrictions are the result of the Government’s announcement last week and come into operation on 14.09.20. However as Undercliffe ward is still under ‘local downtown’ the notice also reflects that status.

2019 Members Swipe Cards

Posted : 07-09-2020
Click on Read More For GRAEME ATKINS’S Members Notice For Members who have not paid their 2020 subscriptions by Sunday 06.09.20.

CO-VID19 Local Lockdown 01.08.20

Posted : 01-08-2020
Click on read more for GRAEME ATKINS Members Notice on new measures introduced after Bradford was put into Local Lockdown.